In graffiti terms Oker is known simply as a King and is one of the few writers to actually go “All City”.  His OK “throw up” has graced panels & sidings across the world and even the most introverted, opinionated* graff writer will admit to being impressed by this one mans ability to get up and stay up.  His work is instantly recognisable and Oker has travelled extensively, spending time in New York honing his craft before returning to the UK’s shores with a bigger attitude & style.  He inspires shock & awe in equal measures whilst annihilating the dreams of “toy” artists who tried to achieve fame by taking him down.  Many quickly learnt that when it comes to paint power there are few that match and none that conquer Oker.

A controversial figure, during his 30 plus years painting graffiti, he became sought after by rival crews set up to cross him out and even the then head of BTP made catching him a particular, personal goal.  This now retired ex-copper gives lucrative talks about this operation to catch Oker and other GSD crew members.  Whatever your opinion of graffiti, few can fail to be impressed by the dedication and energy this human has exerted. 

* with apologies to Wavy Garms