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Joe Holbrook is a young and hugely talented visual artist from Kent, self taught in both painting & sculpture.  Holbrook is fascinated by youth culture and the overwhelming lust for good times and enjoyment, often held above and to the detriment of other life priorities.  An artist has a duty to reflect society as they see it and Holbrook feels it a necessity to document and translate millennial night life for future generations; without shying away from the darker, more sinister aspects.  
Depicting a moment in time and often focussed on subjects & activities that are frowned upon in mainstream society yet prevalent in youth subcultures since Generation X; Holbrook draws on the underlying impatience and often pessimistic nature of the young in the 21st Century.  Using rough brush strokes and hard shading in his photo realistic oil paintings, a finish of finer layers in messy browns & pinks almost soil the imagery in order to make it more real and reflect the mentality of this moment.  There is glamour in his work but there is also a hint of the consequences that will inevitably be paid from such hedonism - unique snapshots which only tell part of the story leaving a hunger and frustration for the bigger picture.   Joe Holbrook has exhibited his work in galleries across Denmark, Italy and the UK and is very much still at the beginning of his journey of artistic exploration.

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