LUAP 'Love Life'


LUAP 'Love Life'

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Screen Print on Somerset White Satin Paper

4 colour screen print

76cm x 56cm


Edition of 15

Printed at Jealous Gallery, London

Numbered, dated, stamped and signed by the artist on the reverse.

Embossed 'LUAP' on front.


Love Life explores the concept that we are in control of our own destiny. That we hold our life in our own hands and we have the power to shape our life. So why not shape your life in a positive way and make it a happy one?

We will all die sooner or later, thats the reality of life. So when one gets to the end, make sure that you have lived a great life and loved as many moments as you can. The love heart eyes symbolise that the person who died loved their life and although it is sad they are gone, they made the most of their time on earth."