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"Hairstyles of Sudan"

Collaborative piece by Artist Jeff Alan and Photographer Giles Duley for Legacy of War Foundation

Acrylic on Canvas by Jeff Alan

Original Photo by Giles Duley printed on Canvas.


Original 1/1

59cm x 80cm

Birch Tray Frame 66cm x 88cm


Legacy of War Foundation

Founded by Giles Duley, Legacy of War Foundation are campaigning for NO More War. No more military intervention as a tool for foreign policy. No more landmines and UXO scarring children for generations to come. No more profit for the few at the expense of people and our planet. 


Jeff Alan paints the world from the outside in. Self-taught, colourblind and resident of the periphery of Recife, in the Northeast of Brazil, the artist is inspired by the colours and shapes of ordinary people to build Afro-realist paintings. The brush, an inseparable companion since childhood, is not simply a tool in his work but also a way of self-affirmation and activism. With strokes full of intensity, he emphasises historically marginalised groups in an attempt to promote the history and uniqueness of plural, simple, urban workers, men, women, children. While walking around the world, Jeff finds his open-air gallery in walls of streets and alleys of decentralised areas, based on a narrative that proposes to be accessible. Having the work of photographer Giles Duley as a starting point for this series, he follows a striking trend in his works: to revere and crown the aesthetics and strength of the black people. Jeff's art is vivid, pulsating and revolutionary.