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CERES, aka The Taffy, is an artist from Cardiff who began painting trains in the late nineties, and continued prolifically for over a decade all over the world. Since his release from prison, he has had successful one man shows in London and Newcastle, and has shown work in galleries in Wales and England.  He has also published numerous books and zines of his photographs and drawings, which have all sold out. His work is influenced not only by the mark making, typography, cities and train lines of his past exploits but also from the maps and topography of his native Wales, especially the cuttings and brutal character of the slate quarries of North Wales, where his forefathers worked. He...

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Shuby began making art just for the streets in 2006 pasting her collage posters in many destinations around the world such as New York, London, Paris, Berlin  & Sydney. Her bright masked bunny and banana motifs are innocent and sinister at the same time with pasted versions of the latter being led to Shuby misogynistically being hailed as a “Warhol Biting Bitch”, a phrase the artist quickly flipped and made her own.  Her visuals are  a  post-feminist statement and  in an increasingly homogenous world really stand out, demanding attention.

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Over the last 18 years, Anthony has worked as a graphic artist in the fashion industry. He has travelled, worked and lived in Glasgow, New York, LA, Paris and London. As a street artist, Rugman is a popular choice by collectors from around the world.  He has been involved in groundbreaking exhibitions such as the Cans Festival 1 and 2, organised by Banksy and Pictures on Walls.  Rugman was also part of the original Stella Dore gallery roster and made front page news whilst representing the gallery in Dublin at a group exhibition in 2008.  His studio work features in collections of the rich and anarchic such as Travis Barker (Blink 182), Tim Minchin (Comedian/Writer), Joey BadA$$ (US Rapper).

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