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Pinky is a Brighton based Artist best known for his positive, colour saturated art.A pioneer or the first wave of UK graffiti in the 80’s and 90’s Pinky created a unique style that fuses the influences of hip hop, psychedelia and love. With a full time career as an artist and illustrator Pinky has exhibited in the UK, Europe, America, China and most recently with his first solo show in Tokyo Japan.  His illustrations have been used by a multitude of global companies and institutions to name a few: Nike, Levis, The British Library, Red Bull, Unilever, and Gnu Snowboards.  He is also the official illustrator for Glastobury Festival 2022 featured in The Guardian and Observer newspapers and on the...

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Carrie Reichardt

Carrie Reichardt is never going to entirely shuck off her anarcho-craftivist rep. Howcould she? Reichardt’s protest by deed and visual activism are works that typifyand reflect the artist’s core concerns: systemic injustice, cruelty, social activism andwhat exactly is it that deems a Mother, fit for purpose? Reichardt’s large scale public works along with her many prestigious residencies andhigh-profile funded research such as the Winston Churchill Traveling Fellowship (2013) ‘To Advance the Craft of Community Mosaics’ increasingly confirms her, at home and abroad, as a stand out socially engaged art practitioner: one of the top ‘go to’ persons when public bodies are awarding commissions. When they want someonewho can engage, perhaps enrage but certainly encourage the viewer to reconsiderthe role of...

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CERES, aka The Taffy, is an artist from Cardiff who began painting trains in the late nineties, and continued prolifically for over a decade all over the world. Since his release from prison, he has had successful one man shows in London and Newcastle, and has shown work in galleries in Wales and England.  He has also published numerous books and zines of his photographs and drawings, which have all sold out. His work is influenced not only by the mark making, typography, cities and train lines of his past exploits but also from the maps and topography of his native Wales, especially the cuttings and brutal character of the slate quarries of North Wales, where his forefathers worked. He...

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