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LUAP "Tranquility"

LUAP "Tranquility"

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Hand Painted Unique Edition of 40

Acrylic & Screen Print on Somerset White Satin Paper

76cmm x 56cm

Each background has been hand painted over a period of 6 months by LUAP.

4 colour screen printed elements. Printed at Jealous Gallery, London

Numbered, dated, stamped and signed by the artist on the reverse.

Embossed 'LUAP' on front.

Exploring existential subjects within a contemporary narrative his work stands alone in its composition and provoking content and subject matter. LUAP’s most iconic series depicts a Pink Bear come-to-life and is placed in the real world acting as a metaphor for discovery and exploration. The costumed figure – a striking motif in his work – exists between reality and make-believe, youthful innocence and adult corruption, leading a lifestyle that looks simultaneously enviable and questionable.

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