Carrie Reichardt is never going to entirely shuck off her anarcho-craftivist rep. How
could she? Reichardt’s protest by deed and visual activism are works that typify
and reflect the artist’s core concerns: systemic injustice, cruelty, social activism and
what exactly is it that deems a Mother, fit for purpose?

Reichardt’s large scale public works along with her many prestigious residencies and
high-profile funded research such as the Winston Churchill Traveling Fellowship (2013) ‘To Advance the Craft of Community Mosaics’ increasingly confirms her, at home and abroad, as a stand out socially engaged art practitioner: one of the top ‘go to’ persons when public bodies are awarding commissions. When they want someone
who can engage, perhaps enrage but certainly encourage the viewer to reconsider
the role of the artist in challenging normative historical and social narratives.
Her most recent public mosaic is at Finsbury Park Underground station in London.

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