CERES, aka The Taffy, is an artist from Cardiff who began painting trains in the late nineties, and continued prolifically for over a decade all over the world.
Since his release from prison, he has had successful one man shows in London and Newcastle, and has shown work in galleries in Wales and England. 
He has also published numerous books and zines of his photographs and drawings, which have all sold out.
His work is influenced not only by the mark making, typography, cities and train lines of his past exploits but also from the maps and topography of his native Wales, especially the cuttings and brutal character of the slate quarries of North Wales, where his forefathers worked.
He captures the patterns made by both man and nature on the landscape, using a wide range of mixed media.
Some of his work is influenced by precise places, while other work is an amalgamation of different locations and memories, all creating a feeling of longing for a way of life and work which is long gone, as well as a map of marks and impressions that have been inflicted onto the landscape. 

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